Xavin’s Review Ratings 1.3.1 Released

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 at 2:44 pm

Even though I hate it when plugins release too often, 1.3 had a bug that made error messages appear on the settings screen in some configurations. They were harmless, but I didn’t want them hanging around until the next major release. I also added a new option always_show_decimal that will add a .0 to whole numbers when displaying fractions. It’s false by default, but it can be turned on in the settings page, or set for individual tags.

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4 Comments to “Xavin’s Review Ratings 1.3.1 Released”

  1. Posted by Matteo

    Thank you very much Jonathan.

    The new update 1.3.1 works perfectly! And you’ve been very fast!

    Just one little thing. With the setting “true” the first decimal is visible also in the second number…so it shows 7.0/10.0 and not 7.0/10.

    Is there a way to show the decimal only on the first number?

    Thank you again.

  2. Posted by Jonathan

    I’ll see if I can come up with a good way to do that.

  3. Posted by Matteo

    Thank you very much.

    I wait for your news.

  4. Posted by beetFreeQ

    Hi there!

    I really love your plugin! It makes my album reviews much better. I only have one small question: Is it possible to use the plugin via PHP directly in my theme templates?

    I’d like to add the rating in my posts as a numeric value to a custom field and display it in my template using that variable. Is there a PHP function available for that? Would be truly great to have that possibility!


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