Current TV

Currently airing TV shows that I am following and believe are worthy of notice.


A combination of procedural and character driven drama, Life was the suprise of the Fall 2007 season. It has the framework of any of the multitudes of crime procedurals that currently rule TV, execpt that the protagonist is a cop who was framed for a murder and spent twelve years in prison. When Exonerated by DNA evidence, he gets a settlement from the city that makes him ritch and a detective again. The episodes are evenly spit between solving a crime, dealing with his issues, and trying to find out who framed him and why.

What makes the show stand out is Damian Lewis’s acting and how realistically they treat the effects of being a cop in maximum security prison for twelve years. He’s more than a little odd now, with strange habits, and interesting thought processes. The first season compromises a perfect arc of him tracking down the real killer, while uncovering a bigger conspiracy in the police department.